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Professional Theater Artist guides the students to choose a character inspired by books that come to life on the stage!  See how the power and wonder of drama can make a difference in the creative growth of every child!

The course will be taught by Tori George, a Professional Theater Artist.

Tori George has been in the acting industry since childhood.  She first started acting in plays at a community theater in Arlington, Texas.  Where she was cast as Mama Bear in a funny rendition of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The play did really well and led to more achievement.  During the play span Tori was interviewed on television and did commercials for this theater. Tori was then accepted into a prestigious video class where she learned the technicalities behind making movies.  She won her first film award in high school for writing the most original screenplay in a Dallas video festival for her movie titled The Fortune Cookie.  After high school she then went on to get her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree majoring in Film and Digital Media.  She started working for AMS productions group after college where she helped edit spots for a A&E and VH1.  She also worked for years at The Dallas Children’s Theater.  She worked with kids ranging from 4 years to 18 years old helping them to be a cut above the rest with their acting skills.  Her passion for teaching kids grew and Tori started instructing Drama to at risk students for Dallas Independent School District.  Helping children better their test scores and gain confidence in themselves through theater was her goal.  Watching the students grow through collaboration, reading and acting was such an enriching experience for her.  Tori cast and directed many plays with her groups at the Dallas Children’s Theater and led her group to win at the Dallas Video Fest in 2010 and 2011.  Tori has since went back to school to get her graduate degree in Design and Media Management.

“Dream a dream 10 times as big as that one dream you see.  Then dream a million more!”Dallas Clayton

B.F.A in Film and Digital Media, M.F.A. in Design and Media Management



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